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Will I be able to print my photos anywhere I want?                Sure! You will receive a print release that gives you the right to print as many photos as you wish, wherever you want to go. We recommend using quality photo labs, because the images are more lasting and WAY more beautiful. The photographer retains the copyright.

How many images will I receive?                                              This varies by package. With regular portrait sessions, such as families, the minimum number is usually around 30 perfectly polished and edited images. However, we often get carried away by the smiling faces of our clients and add in plenty of extras!

How many images do you take, and do I get all the files, even the unedited ones?                                                                                  We usually snap 100 or more photos, with a good selection of poses and expressions. The client only receives the finished images that the photographer feels represents the quality associated with the studio.

What should I wear to my photo shoot?                                           This is by far the most popular question! First be yourself. If you are normally a very casual person, then don't feel you need to wear something that does not reflect the authentic you. In general, solid colors and large to medium prints are better than small prints and black. Tiny stripes such as seersucker or mini-checks are sometimes a problem in digital images.

FOR FAMILIES: Follow the "rules" above, but try this approach: Select one multi-color print, say... a large or medium floral for a girl or a medium or large plaid for a guy.  Pick one or two of the colors from the print, and find shirts, skirts, dresses, vests etc. for the rest of the family in these colors. I you like the colors together in a print, you know it will work well together in the group, and the print will pull it all together! Different textures added in small amounts, such as quilted vests, suede boots, or knit or faux fur caps also add interest.

Is it OK to add more outfit or location changes, as long as the session is finished in the allotted time?

This is a hard one, because sometimes more seems like, well.... more! Even for me! But, each outfit and location needs a certain amount of attention. There are always little details of each outfit or location that need adjusting during the shoot, and it takes time. Don't get me wrong, I'm up for a marathon! But it IS more work and planning before and during the session, and a requires an assistant that knows their stuff (kinda like a surgical nurse, but with lenses, not scalpels)! Each change of scenery also means more photos to process after the shoot. Evaluating, adjusting, editing of extra photos can double the processing time. If you really REALLY want 3 or 4 changes, lets talk! I will make it work as economically as possible. 10 AMAZING images you will treasure, as so much better than 50 ho-hum images you want to forget.


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